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School Visits

High School English Speech Coaching:
 We coached three Mugi High School students who would be participating in the English speech contest. First, we edited their manuscripts, smoothing out stories that could be told naturally, as well as correct any grammatical aspects that are not conveyed naturally in English. Then we helped them how to pronounce these words properly, speaking with emotion that helped with the story’s flow. We truly enjoyed the time with these three students!

School Visits
We visited the Mino Middle School and the Nakauchi Elementary School, observing how students study at these schools. On the day we attended, students were learning to put out a fire with a hose. With arms outstretched, they also practiced Kanji (Chinese characters) stroke order. Similar to the kindergarten students, the kids served lunch and clean their classrooms. The reason for them cleaning: there are no janitors in these schools!


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