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Thank you, Mino!

A special thank you to Atsuko-san, who cooked and delivered warm dinner every day.  Not only was it very delicious, but her warm hospitality (called here as おもてなし) made us feel as if we were back home.  We're very grateful for the success we had with the first-ever Mino Boston Exchange Program!  

Home Stays

Four days with the Kawai Family -  Kawai-san brought me to many different places around Mino-Shi and Seki-Shi such as the Mino Washi paper museum, where we had the chance to make paper, the Feather Museum where we saw how knives are made, and also introducing me to the local onsen! Every person in her family was warm and welcoming, and they helped me with my Japanese as I helped them with English. I know that when I come back to Mino-Shi someday, I’ll always have a home there. (Written by Grace) Three days with the Fukuda Family - They were so welcoming and eager to show me around, immediately making me feel like I was part of their family! Playing with their younger daughter and helping their high school student with his English homework was so much fun. We went to make sample food in Gujo, made takoyaki for dinner one night, and even fed koi fish! (Written by Grace) Weekend with the Sumi Family -  The father works at Mugi High School in Mino City as an English teacher, and his w