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City Hall & Education Boad

On August 24, 2018, we had a wonderful meeting with Higuchi-sensei, the Mino City Education Board Chair. The English Teaching Assistant from the US (who was there via the JET Program) was also in the meeting. During the meeting, Milton spoke in Japanese about our gratitude towards the citizens of Mino, showcasing how welcoming the citizens of Mino have been during our stay. The American TA also talked with us about the more challenging and enjoyable aspects about teaching English and living in Mino.

On September 4, we went to City Hall to meet with the deputy mayor. In the beginning of the meeting, Milton once again spoke in Japanese, showering praise on the citizens of Mino regarding how eager they were to welcome us to their town and how they enjoyed spending time with us during our stay. Afterwards, the deputy mayor and we talked about how we could continue the program in the future.


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