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19th Boston Area Japanese Speech Event

On November 2, 2019, the 19th Boston Area Japanese Speech Event was held at Brandeis University. 16 non-native Japanese speakers from eight different universities in the Boston area gave a 5-minute talk entirely in Japanese, without the aid of any supporting materials such as powerpoint slides, video, music, and handouts.  
One of the speakers was Luis Guerra, who participated in the 2019 Mino Boston Exchange program. Entitled 思いやりの紙” (compassion for paper), he efficiently delivered his experiences during his stay in Mino, focusing on its history and the handmade Japanese paper (Washi) made in the city. Luis also talked about how Mino’s citizens have been carefully preserving its manufacturing methods, without losing its commercial value for over 1300 years.  After the speech, he conversed with the audience further about Mino Washi in Japanese.


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