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English Class in the Mino City

The group participated in a Polish artistry paper workshop to make Polish Christmas decorations.  Afterword, we toured the Japanese sake brewery, the Udatsu Townscape (Udatsu no Agaru Machinami), and the Mino Washi Lantern Museum.

For lunch, we enjoyed the autumn taste of Matsutake mushroom rice, sashimi, tempura, and some traditional Japanese side dishes hosted by the local supporters. In the late afternoon, we were invited to a cooking teachers home to experience a typical Japanese home-cooked dinner, including paella and pizza. It was hard to believe that Japanese people eat this much various and delicious types of dishes as and everyday meal.

In the evening, we taught two different levels of English conversation classes to about 50 students, ranging from elementary students to middle-aged adults. We truly enjoyed the time with the students, who consisted of friends, couples, various families, and high school students.


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