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Another Day in the Mino City

We got up very early to participate in a Zazen meditation session, followed by a vegetarian breakfast at the Enshoen Temple. The hour-long meditation was refreshing and uplifting; a perfect way to start a new day!

We went to City Hall to meet with the mayor and deputy mayor of Mino City.  At the beginning, Bob Graham spoke in Japanese to express our gratitude to how warmly the citizens of Mino have been treating the group.  The mayor taught us the distinguished features of Mino washi paper, as well as what it plans to be used for in the near-future: for the certificates of recognition for athletes of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.  

In the afternoon, we visited the Mugi High School for its physical festival. The cheering party competition was never heard of in the USA, with its aim for students to gain group collaboration. It was a unique competition to observe.