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Yamasa Japanese Language School

After touring Toyota City and Okazaki, the members of CEI attended classes. At the Yamasa language school, the classes are divided into three sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner class consists of learning the fundamental basics of Japanese. The intermediate class consists of learning keigo, the humble form of speech used in Japanese to show respect to others. The advanced class consists of open discussions on various topics in Japanese. Each day, there are six 50 minute classes that focus on the five different language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and cultural awareness. These classes are led by a rotation of enthusiastic and passionate teachers with a variety of teaching styles.

CEI members working studiously in class

At Yamasa, cultural activities were also part of the learning experience. For example, the CEI members participated in making dragonfly charms with beads and string. The dragonfly is famous in Japan because it represents summer and autumn. The dragonfly represents courage and strength and is often associated with samurais.

Julie and Doug displaying their beautifully crafted dragonflies

At the end of the week, the CEI members conclude their studies at Yamasa. Here, they reflected on their time in the language school and gave out their graduation speeches in Japanese at the closing ceremony. 

Bob proudly receiving his graduation certificate before giving his speech

Yamasa is a highly regarded Japanese language school located in Okazaki in the Aichi Prefecture. The school teaches a wide range of courses relating to the Japanese language and culture. The school has hosted a diverse group of students from over 80 countries.


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