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Mino and Mino Washi Paper

After completing the intensive Japanese language study at the YAMASA, the group traveled to Mino City, Gifu Prefecture. The city is renowned for its traditional Japanese Mino Washi paper and the streets known as "Udatsu Townscape”.

Mino Washi is considered “intangible heritage” by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Made out of wooden leather fiber, washi is famously used for Japanese style sliding door as a replacement of glass, when crafting origami, as well as the kind of paper used for wagasa, the traditional Japanese umbrella. Other items made with washi include sensu, uchiwa, the traditional Japanese fan,  paper lanterns, and painting & writing materials.  Udatsu is a small kind of pillar attached to the roof of a Japanese house, often used to protect it from fire damage.  However, in the middle of the Edo period, it became used more as a decoration to show off ones financial strength.

The city official and the Mino Boston Club members welcomed the group with a sweet fish lunch, known here as ayu. Afterwards, the group went to the Mino Washi Museum to learn about Japanese paper and experience Mino paper-making, watching a technique that’s been handed down over 1300 years, then everyone in the group made his/her own Mino Washi by scooping raw material.