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2019 CEI Meeting

The members of the 2019 Mino-Boston Exchange Program gathered together on July 13, 2019 at Showa Boston to discuss the details of the itinerary.

Members of the 2019 Mino-Boston Exchange Program gathering together from left to right: Bingnan Zhou, Luis Guerra, Mikiyo Hattori, Bob Graham, Alexandria Forte, Doug Smith, and Bill Chiem.

At the meeting, the members introduced themselves to each other. Unfortunately, Lei Lek In and Julie Huynh could not attend the meeting, but Bob Graham was able to join the meeting through video chat.

During the meeting, each member received a handbook for the program. The handbook featured a welcome letter by CEI founder Mikiyo Hattori, a detailed schedule of the journey, and a self-evaluation template to reflect on the progress of one's goals during the program.

During the program, the CEI members will meet in Tokyo on August 22 and travel to Okazaki together. From there, the members will be attending the YAMASA language school from August 22 to August 31. Then, the members will stay in the city of Mino from August 31 to September 4.

YAMASA Institution

City of Mino

Mino is a city located in the Gifu Prefecture. The city of Mino has earned a place in history as a center of Japanese paper (washi) production for 1,300 years. Blessed with superior materials for producing washi and the pristine water provided by the Nagara River, Mino washi is a model washi within Japan.

YAMASA is a highly regarded Japanese language school located in Okazaki in the Aichi Prefecture. The school teaches a wide range of courses relating to the Japanese language and culture. The school has hosted a diverse group of students from over 80 countries. 

At the Cultural Exchange Initiative, we connect with various talented individuals ranging from middle school students to industry professionals and provide them with unique cultural exchange opportunities. For example, sharing one's life experiences with Japanese students, improving one's Japanese language skills, and joining a local Japanese community.

To know more about the program, please visit our website at or follow our Instagram @ceinitiative.


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